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Launch A Podcast

In 8 weeks get everything you need to become a podcast host with our launch program Amplify What You Love, a one of a kind 1 on 1 and group mentorship program.

Podcast Production

Podcasting made simple
You do the interview, we'll handle the rest. Consistent and on-schedule editing, production, distribution, and marketing of your show.

Growth & Marketing

Struggling to build an audience for your show? Get unstuck and get ready to grow. Book a marketing consultation and get clarity on how to get to the next level.

Launch together, not alone.

Join our mastermind AMPLIFY WHAT YOU LOVE™ and launch your podcast within a network of extraordinary entrepreneurs, speakers, and change-makers.

Our experience has taught us a lot so you can save time & get there quicker.

We've helped dozens of new and established podcasts find clarity, confidence, and cashflow. Here's some our most recent projects.

You'll be guided every step of your launch by our tested and proven system.

Find clarity with our roadmaps, templates, workflows, and pre-designed systems that will help you make an impact, and set your show up for success.

Gain exclusive access to our pro podcast production and social media marketing team.

When you join, you get members-only pricing on our production services to keep your show on schedule and help it grow quickly. We offer Audio/Video Editing, Guest Booking,  Podcast Management, Social Media Marketing.

Are you ready to be a part of the AMPLIFY WHAT YOU LOVE™ Podcast Launch Mastermind?

We are looking for committed creators, speakers, storytellers, and entrepreneurs who are determined to launch their podcast and amplify what they love.

Grab our free podcast launch checklist to learn how to quickly set up and market your show!

"Keli is the go-to consultant for podcasts. He has extensive knowledge in how to launch, manage and create a successful podcast. Working with him has helped us to not only start a podcast but do so successfully. Highly recommend Keli if you want to start your first podcast or take yours to the next level! "

Suzanne Monroe
Intl. Association of Wellness Professionals

"Keli is a podcast whiz. I hired him to help produce the Working From Home podcast, and he has done a fantastic job. I’d recommend his services to anyone looking to put together a high-quality podcast."

Nelson Jordan
Host of Working From Home Podcast

"K.Lee helped me find clarity in my mission and how I wanted to share it with the world. What was the outcome? He brought structure, creativity, consistency, and marketing to the podcast. K.Lee and his team can help you take an idea to a reality and put it on the map. If your tired of doing it alone or don’t know how I wouldn’t hesitate with connecting with the Podcast Farm."

Dr. Debra Muth - ND, NP BAAHP
Host of Let's Talk Wellness Now

"From our very first interaction, K-Lee was straightforward and insightful and simplified the complicated tech stuff for me. He’s a collaborator, a strategist, a sounding board, an audio teacher, a coach, and a cheerleader, all in one. Get yourself a K.Lee, you won’t regret it."

Cristina Roman
Host of The Pique Podcast & Life Coach

"Podcast Farm truly helped to elevate my podcast. In my consultation with K-Lee, we did a thorough analysis into many aspects of podcasting including branding, content, editing, building an audience, create a welcome bumper and more! Because of my sessions with K.Lee, downloads of my podcast series increased. (300-400 downloads per week). He and his team are real gems!"

Bernadine Franco
Beyond the Paint Podcast

"I began working with Podcast Farm after I launched my first podcast and the change was immediate. The sound quality, professional editing, and quick change to my listener download numbers was stunning. I went from a small audience to ranking on some charts within a few weeks! Podcast Farm continued to consult and support the launch of my online course, helping me complete a project that had come to a stand still. They consulted on all of the building, design and marketing. Within two months I sold over $2k of courses and the sales keep coming in, making my investment pay for itself."

Melissa Meader
Host of The Synchrosoma Podcast

"In one sitting I was able to learn what clubhouse is all about, and also get really excited to participate. "

Juli Hazlewood
Executive Director, Roots & Routes IC


  Use the power of your voice, to share your story with your people. 

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