Launch a pro podcast you're proud of.

Through 1 on 1 and group coaching you will be guided through a proven process to get your message out there.

Grow an audience who love your show

We'll give you everything you need, including templates, plans, and systems to build an audience & find great guests

Be part of a  community of podcasters

Access exclusive interview opportunities, production resources, and a community of kindred spirits.

AMPLIFY WHAT YOU LOVE™ is an 8-week consulting and mentoring program where you will be completely supported to launch a profitable podcast that attracts listeners, builds your credibility and positions you as a leader in your field. Confidently go from having a podcast idea to becoming a podcast host by doing what you love with the people you love most.


Highly Recommend

“K-Lee is the go-to consultant for podcasts. He has extensive knowledge in how to launch, manage and create a successful podcast. Working with him has helped us to not only start a podcast but do so successfully. Highly recommend Keli if you want to start your first podcast or take yours to the next level!”

Suzanne Monroe
Host of Live Well Dream Big

You Wont Regret It

"K.Lee was straightforward and insightful, and simplified the complicated tech stuff for me. He’s a collaborator, a strategist, a sounding board, an audio teacher, a coach, and a cheerleader, all in one. Get yourself a K.Lee, you won’t regret it."

Cristina Roman
Host of The Pique Podcast

Real Gems

"Podcast Farm truly helped to elevate my show. We did a thorough analysis into many aspects of podcasting including branding, content, editing, building an audience and more. Because of my sessions with K-Lee, downloads of my podcast series increased. (300 to 400 downloads per week). He and his team are real gems!”

Bernadine Franco
Host of Beyond the Paint



The cycle of procrastination stops now.

In 8 weeks, you’re going to create, record, launch your podcast, and learn how to market and grow your show—all with expert, step-by-step guidance from K-Lee, and the Podcast Farm team.

Get guidance, hit milestones, start broadcasting

By joining Amplify What You Love™, you’ll gain the tools, guidance, and resources you need to launch and monetize your podcast in 8 weeks or less, including:

  • 8 weeks of trainings with detailed steps and strategies tested and proven from previous successful launches.
  • Live Weekly One on One and group calls with step-by-step guidance for which tasks to do each week to keep you on track.
  • Templates, word-for-word scripts, and project management tools you can use to manage and promote your podcast.
  • A community of world-changers to inspire you, give you confidence, and help grow your show together.

If you've always wanted to start a podcast, why are you still trying to do it alone?

K-Lee Marks - Founder & Consultant

My name is K-Lee Marks and I created AMPLIFY WHAT YOU LOVE™ based on nearly 15 years of experience growing brands and amplifying the messages of world-changers. As an award winning music producer, an educator, an entrepreneur & a podcast host, my mission with this program is to support you in sharing your voice with the world.

Your podcast journey doesn’t have to be overwhelming, confusing, or lonely. I'm going to guide you 1 on 1 through a tested framework that will obliterate uncertainty, help you take action, avoid common mistakes and give you EVERYTHING you need so that you can start the show you’ve been dreaming of.

Group Coaching Call

Schedule a Free Strategy Session

We will focus on your current situation and what goals you are trying to achieve. These calls are extremely valuable and will leave you with clarity and a map for how to achieve your vision.

Use our proven method to launch a podcast that you are proud of.

We've served over 100 podcasters, and helped launch 15 shows for our clients. We've developed a step by step plan that is proven to get your show and message out.