Designing Your Best Life & Becoming The Teacher You Want To Be with Renowned YouTuber Mr. Reynolds

Season #2

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Socrates once wrote: Education is the kindling of a flame, not the filling of a vessel. Today’s guest has kindled the flame within thousands of students, viewers, and educators around the world, and I hope that a fire is lit within you today after hearing our conversation. Mr. Reynolds is a west Philadelphia high school literature teacher, author, YouTuber, & public speaker. In his book, Teach Your Class Off, on his YouTube Channel, Real Rap With Reynolds, and on his Podcast, Sunday Night Teacher Talk, Reynolds offers an authentic glimpse into what it looks like to teach high school in the inner city while at the same time building pathways and pipelines to help new and veteran educators become the teachers they're called to be. His bare-bones teaching philosophy is simple: In the classroom relationships are king, and education is only ever about the students. He has collaborated with some of the world’s largest brands and is so generous with sharing what he loves and knows makes an impact in the world.

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