The religion of the soul is love of God an Interview with Bhakti Yoga Monk BV Siddhanti Maharaja

Season #2

When I started this podcast there was one guest in particular that I immediately wanted to interview, but I wanted to build up an audience before doing so. Here we are two years later and I was finally able to sit down with my spiritual teacher BV Siddhanti Maharaja.

Born in India, He has been a monk for over 30 years, in the Vaisnava tradition of Bhakti Yoga. He has personally served and cared for several of the most honored and respected gurus in this tradition and is an expert on speaking on the famous sacred text of India, the Srimad Bhagavatam. He travels all over the world speaking and sharing on spiritual topics about developing love of God, and is spreading a message of divine love through the chanting of God’s names.

We discuss:

  • The meaning of Bhakti Yoga, and how it's different then what we normally think of when we think of Yoga.
  • Who is a true Guru and how do we find one
  • The importance and wisdom of Vedic Philosophy and practices
  • Developing a personal relationship with God
  • An overview of one of India's most famous texts, the Srimad Bhagavatam, AKA Bhagavat Purana
  • The power of conversation
  • The supreme goal of life

Learn more about BV Siddhanti Maharaja and subscribe to his wonderful YouTube Channel: @SripadBVSiddhantiMaharaj


You can also watch this interview on my Youtube channel.


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