Amplify What You Love

Amplify What You Love

Hosted by: Podcast Farm

Amplify What You Love is a show for visionaries and creatives who want to use their voice to impact the world. Conversations with storytellers, teachers of wisdom traditions, professional coaches, and leaders in...


Personal Update & News About Season 2

Season #1 Episode #43
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Sisters of Mystery & The Wonderful Women of Magic with Abigail McBride

Season #1 Episode #42

Today we have the honor of welcoming master magician Abigail McBride. She’s appeared (magically) on NBC and has performed on the internationally acclaimed Masters of Illusion. She is a Musician, Magician, Massage...
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Podcasting anywhere & what Permaculture and creating content have in common - in loving memory of Jaime Ocampo

Season #1 Episode #41

This episode was recorded in my car. I want to encourage you to share your voice, even if you're out of the studio, even if you don't have great gear, even if you only have 10 minutes. In this short podcast episode I...
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Masculinity, Sex, & The Shadow with Intimacy Coach Allison Cruz

Season #1 Episode #40

On this week’s episode of Be On Air we have the honor of featuring Allison Cruz. Allison is an intimacy coach who supports men in building a deeper relationship to their bodies and sexuality through somatic healing...
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Answering life's most important questions with Wisdom of The Sages Hosts Raghunath and Kaustubha

Season #1 Episode #39

Join Podcast Farm founder and host of Be On Air podcast, K-Lee and the powerhouse hosts behind a top Apple Spirituality Podcast, Wisdom Of The Sages as they explore the profound wisdom texts of India, and how they...
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Coaching for victory and following your dreams with Mikia Troche

Season #1 Episode #38

This week’s episode of Be On Air features motivational speaker, published author, and mentor Mikia Troche. Mikia has been an entrepreneur for over two decades and she's also a registered nurse by profession. She is...
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Modern matchmaking and evolving the culture of love with Radha Patel

Season #1 Episode #37

This episode of Be On Air features Radha Patel, the founder of a matchmaking service which aims at connecting marriage minded South Asian people from within their communities. The service, Single to Shaadi has a more...
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Founding an internationally renowned record label, leadership and making your podcast a hit with Jesse Brede

Season #1 Episode #36

This episode of Be On Air features founder and leader of Gravitas Recordings, Jesse Brede. Jesse has been in the electronic music scene for over two decades where he began his career deejaying, renting out equipment...
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Using your voice to reach a five-figure payday with Anjel B. Hartwell

Season #1 Episode #35

This Episode of Be On Air features the inspiring creator, host and executive producer of the award-winning Wickedly Smart Woman Podcast, Anjel B. Hartwell. Anjel has been in the online speaker space since 2008 and...
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Know yourself with the science of Vedic Astrology featuring top podcast host Christine Rodriguez

Season #1 Episode #34

On this episode of Be On Air we have the honor of featuring Christine Rodriguez. After spending eight years studying under world respected astrology teachers, Christine completed the University of Vedic Astrology...
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Gamifying altruistic action with virtual & augmented reality expert Aja Duniven

Season #1 Episode #33

In this episode of Be On Air we interview an extended reality expert who specializes in augmented reality, virtual reality, mixed reality, and cinematic reality. Aja is dedicated to implementing these technologies in...
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The Body Knows - unlocking your inner wisdom with Marcela and Mat Wakeham

Season #1 Episode #33

This week’s episode of Be On Air we interview the extraordinary hosts of The Body Knows podcast, Mat and Marcela Wakeham. Right away we dive into both Mat and Marcela’s origin stories and how they began collaborating...
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